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First of all, my appologies for the funky blog action over the last few days. I was out of town and had no computer...


The 4th of July Crew...






Class schedule additions:

There will be a couple additions starting next Monday 7/11. We will try these out for now. I am always willing to expand the schedule as demand dictates.


My thoughts:

The first classes we will add is a 9:00am (possibly 2-3 days a week). I am not sure which days yet, possibly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will confirm...

The other class we will add will be a 3:30pm class. I may make this an everyday addition, but again, I will confirm later this week.



I want to know how you all feel about the changes. I know 2 or 3 of you want a 6am class. It is on the back burner for now. If more people continue to show interest, we will consider adding it.




Say goodbye to Jeremy (for now)...

He is going to be living in Peru for a couple of months. Jeremy was one of our first members in Mountain View and has been a huge part of our community! We will see him again soon. Good luck!



Workout for Tomorrow:



In keeping with Benchmark Wednesdays...here it is!




30 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95# 


Yup that's it guys....we will obviously do some supplemental work but Grace is our focus....COME IN READY TO CRUSH THIS.

A good time would be sub 3 minutes, a great time would be sub 90 seconds. 




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Jeremy, Have fun in Peru, and keep in touch. See you in a couple of months!

Also, I'm resharing a post from the Santa Clara comments: Grace in 1:12 http://youtu.be/g99ax-omKJI

Thanks Sally. I'll miss you all. You'll probably be doing laps around me when I return. See ya all in October.

Wow Jeremy. Gonna miss those amazing time you post :)

Alex- another for the circular file... for these types of WODs (ie, all lifting), sometimes it would be interesting to have 2 goes at it -- once at the prescribed, and once at a much lighter weight. I know my RX PR for Grace, but have no idea what my time would be for say, 95 pounds. Seeing those 2 times might give us better ideas of weights to use to achieve other WODs goals (eg, should I do this slowly RX, or some amount faster with some other weight.

Perhaps a good post workout WOD for today :)

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