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Schedule for this Week:


Tuesday only we will be adding a 10:00am class this week.

Saturday and Sunday we will be closed for a Level 1 Cert....classes will be moved to Mountain View.




Why Hollow Rocks?


We hit up hollow rocks quite a bit. Why? Hollow rocks are amazing for developing core strength but more importantly developing an awareness of "the position." "The position" is simply were you are locked and ready to go. Your rib cage is down, your abs are tight, lumbar curve is in extension but not over extension and you are braced and ready to lift. This position should be maintained on everything we do in Crossfit from a Handstand Push Up to a heavy back squat.

Is the Hollow Rock extremely hard for you???

If you answered Yes....work it more on your own. Keep in mind that if holding a good position (hollow) on the floor is so hard for you, how can you possibly maintain it while under load????

Just  a thought....






Workout for Tomorrow:


Step One:

5 Rounds for time

7 Toes to Bar

7 Ring Dips


Step Two:

5 Rounds for Time:

7 Push Jerk's @ 135#'s

7 lunges with the barbell on your back





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