Another awesome day of lifting!!! I saw some great progress and huge numbers! Badass all around.



For my desk bound computer peoples...

Here is a video of a lecture at Google from Kelly Starrett (owner of San Francisco CrossFit, mobility guru, and founder of www.mobilitywod.com) on how to improve your life at your desk so it doesn't negatively impact your health and well-being. For those of you who sit down all day, you know how locked up you can feel by the end of the day. There are some great tips here to help you out.



So starting this week we will begin benchmark Wednesdays.

What is benchmark Wednesdays?
Crossfit.com has many workouts that are known as "benchmarks". An example of this would be "Fran" or "Murph". Some are named after fallen heroes, others are named after girls similar to hurricanes.
Benchmark workouts are valuable because overtime we will repeat many of them. This will give you a great opportunity to see your progress and compare times.



Workout for Tomorrow:

5 rounds for time:

Run 400 meters
30 Box Jumps 24"
30 Wall Ball Shots

Keep in mind the standards. These are really important so that we can compare your score for next time.


Also their will be a cut off (depends how the instructor feels its going) on this workout so push hard to get it done!





Getting under the bar...

Great work with the heavy split jerks today. Many of you still have problems pushing yourselves underneath the bar and committing to getting depth. Here is a great video of Chad Vaughn (US Olympian) performing the clean and jerk in slow motion. This will give you a great take on both hitting full hip extension and also getting under the bar in both the clean and the jerk. This is a great visual to compliment what we worked on today.




4:30 Crew working clean and jerks in the sun.






Sports Basement shopping party

Friday July 8 from 6-8pm. You can save 20% on anything in the store. Thanks to Jenn (Santa Clara Member). Nothing needed to sign up, just show up with the other members.




Haven't gone below parallel yet this week.

Workout for Tomorrow:

Hang Squat Clean heavy followed by 4 Front Squats, so a total of 5 Front Squats per set. 5 HEAVY sets total (these are work sets, not warm ups).

Quick and crazy:

3 Rounds for Time:

10 Hang Squat Cleans @ 135#'s
20 Pull Ups




I hope that everyone had a great weekend!



Great picture of Jes on top of Half Dome in Yosemite:



Great picture of the Saturday Class. They are working many different core stability/strengthening drills.



Pullup training

This picture demonstrates how to use a band slightly different than how we have been using it in the past.


We can use this technique of band to learn and get better at pull ups. We can also use it for muscle ups.

Take the band and wrap it around the pull up bar multiple times to the desired tightness that you are looking for. You then place your arms in like a back pack and it becomes a great learning tool. One of the reasons I want you guys to use this in comparison to putting it on your foot is because often times with the band on your foot you can become out of control and it doesn't mimic the Kip as well. This is due to the fact that you can't bring your head through your shoulders since the band is usually in the way.

Please use this technique the next time you are doing band assisted pull ups.



Workout for tomorrow:


Split jerk from in front or behind the neck
1 1 1 1 1

Please make sure you have a game plan on how to dump the load safely if needed.
A Crossfit.com special
Run 800m
30 clean and jerks
Run 800m


Please note the weight is not prescribed here. You must find a balance between getting a good time and having a good weight. My recommendation would be 155# to 175# for men.


Great Saturday class today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Our KI Athletics logo on a sweat angel from Sally... Sign of hard work:



Schedule for tomorrow:


11am Team workout in SANTA CLARA.



Workout for tomorrow:


Team workout designed by Sal





Thank you for the feedback regarding class times... I still want to hear more! I am putting together potential times on my radar. If there is enough interest, we will find a way to add to our schedule.




Schedule for tomorrow:


9am CrossFit class in Santa Clara

10am Mobility class in Santa Clara

10:30am CrossFit Class in Mountain View



Someone in the 4:30 class neglected to put away their weights... Since we did "body weight" deadlifts, we will be sure to find the culprit!  




Speaking of body weight deadlifts, it reminded me of a little story. A few years ago I was playing minor league baseball and was in Fargo, North Dakota. To kill time before a game, we went to the mall and I saw this:

This gentleman was so upset at his weight on the scale in front of GNC, he proceeded to strip his clothes to shed a few pounds (notice the pile of shoes and clothing to his right). Needles to say, he was still angry at the scale! Must have had to do some body weight deadlifts...




Workout for tomorrow:


    5 Rounds for time:

        5 burpee pullups

        15 squat clean thrusters 75#/55#




Another great day! Great work all around.



I'd still like more feedback about class time suggestions (if you care)... What time(s) would you like to see added to our schedule??? Please let me know.



Prowler/Sled action:




Tomorrow is Rick's (Trainer in Santa Clara) Birthday!!!!




In Celebration of Rick's Birthday:


Find a new 2 rep Overhead Squat PR (for a lot of you this will be technique work).




3 Rounds for time of:


500 meter row

12 Body Weight Deadlifts

21 Box Jumps 24"




Pretty cool video....thought you guys might like it.



That wasn't so bad, was it??? Great job on today's workout!


Question for comments:

Are there any other class times that you would like to see added to the schedule? For example: 9am? 11am? 3:30pm?


I just want to get some feedback to see if there is any interest...




The 8am crew working the turkish get up



Jason and the 8am dog, Bailey in a deep conversation. They speak daily, only they know what its about.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Prowler Push extremely heavy (You can get in small teams and work short 10 yard pushes at very heavy weights, 10 yards should feel like 100)



Complete the following for time, rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 4 times.


5 Burpees 

10 Power Snatches @ 95#'s

5 Burpees 


The weight on the snatches should be light enough to move fast with.


Today there were some great lifting sessions! So many of you are improving drastically on the Olympic lifts. Much of this is simply derived from more repetitions. 




Thinking and weightlifting:


Have you noticed that they don't really go together? Try and avoid doing both at the same time! I know it is tough when the lifts are new to you. There is a time to think and there is a time to simply let your athleticism take over and just lift. As long as you are moving safely, go after it. Thinking while lifting will tend to slow you down and cause you to move in unnatural movement patterns or cause an individual to move a little disconnectedly. 


Approach a lift is to have a vision of what you are going to do before the lift. Then, maybe keep in mind one big thing you need to work on just before you start setting up (keeping the arms long through the 2nd pull, for example). Don't try and fix 5 bad habits all at once. As you begin the setup process (stance first, grip next, then positioning), try and clear your mind completely and think about absolutely nothing! Just get fired up and GO! Afterwards, we can analyze the lift and go from there.


Try it out. Trust your movement and the skill work that you have put in. Remember that these are natural movements, let the body do its thing.


Also, find a pre-lift routine that works for you allows you to make these things happen. There are many ways to approach the same thing and everyone will get ready a bit differently. Have you ever noticed in baseball that every batter will have their own distinct way to get ready for a pitch?





A couple of ways to open up the shoulder:


Photo Photo Photo



Workout for Tomorrow:


3 Rounds for time of:


5 Shoulder Press @ 135#'s

20 Double Under's


The goal of this workout is to develop some pressing strength and also work on your coordination. The press should be challenging!









You guys didn't think that was it did you?



5 Rounds for time of:


Run 400 meter's

30 Wall Ball Shots


All Wall Balls should be unbroken......dropping the ball is a penalty and you must begin your wall balls over again.


The gym was kicking ass all day today!!! Great stuff!




Have an injury??? Don't let that stop you! We will find a way to have you do a workout, regardless.



Check out David's one legged "Fran"




The "Suns Out Guns Out" 4:30 Crew working out in 95 degree weather:









Workout for Tomorrow:



Clean for doubles at a moderately heavy weight



15 Minute AMRAP of:


5 Deadlifts @ 225

10 KB Swings @ 2 pood

20 Jumps over the bar....one is one

















I hope that everyone had a great weekend!




Jess got her first muscle up this Saturday. Congrats!






Workout for Tomorrow:


Pistol practice 

HandStand Push Up practice 


Fran with a twist


21 Thrusters

 21 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

15 Thrusters

15 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's

9 Thrusters

9 Pull Ups

Sprint 200 meter's


Here's the catch:


For each time you drop the bar or drop off the bar during this workout you owe 10 Burpees with a maximum of 50 available.

Quick way to work on your Pistol:


Photo Photo