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May 11, 2010

  New Crossfit Santa Clara Apparel Store designed and maintained by Jaime (the guy in the back) is ready to go. Jaime has done a great job setting this up, he should have a ton of new products coming out soon. I would like hats and board shorts asap...anything else you guys would like???????????





A few new members to the Muscle Up Crew!!!!!!!!!!

Pics 141

Congrats to Robert (above) and Greg (below)!!!!!!!

Photo (30)
 Pics 139  

The Noon Crew rollin deep today with 20 people 

Pics 140

 Workout for Tomorrow:


Our new cycle begins tomorrow, the goal of this one is to get you guys better at the clean and jerk.


Every minute on the minute you will perform one clean and jerk for a total of 10 minutes. We will start this off at about 50-60% of your 1 rep max. The goal here is legit technique and to practice the exercise on a weekly basis.


As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:


10 wall balls

10 Mountain Climber's


Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 times


Rest 30 seconds 


Max Hang Power Cleans @ 95#'s in 3 minutes 


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Flex Fit hats and board shorts would be awesome. I also would like to see the highmay socks.

Sal has lots of free time help.

It will be nice to move into home number 3! I'm good for carrying things, but not much else unfortunately.

Hats would be cool.. Sal, would those be deadlifting socks?

Hey, if you want to check out Mickey and JoJo during the Masters competition, there are highlights available:

You need any help , just let me know. I am good at moving things around. I want to see a tank top that says "Suns out, Guns Out"

Let's get some pullover hoodies (no zipper)!

Some beefy, pullover hoodies would be pretty sweet..

Although I LOVE all of Jaime's designs and productions, this addition would be great. =)

Thongs....and bathing suits (this isn't a serious inquiry)

Mongs, That way Jacob can have something to wear when he goes to his wax lady to get his legs waxed. Yep, you read that right!

I'd like tank tops for the summer, the longer style. And I second what everyone has suggested already!

Yes Cynthia, the highmay socks would be perfect for deadlifts. I like the Suns out, Guns out.

DH, you can't be switching names everyday. Stick with "The Mop king"

Melinda, you would say such a thing hahahaha...I know you're serious.

dear gear designers I would appreciate fanny packs, thank you.

The gear shop looks awesome. I am with Kimmy on the pullover hoodies. Also deadlift/highmay/whatever you call them socks and long tank tops would be awesome.

I am available to help move, clean etc. Just let me know where and when. May even bring some of our homebrew for some refreshment afterwards :)

I would like to buy some get out of burpees free cards. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. :)

Fellow Santa Clara Crossfitians,

You can always count on me on lending a helping hand! Or better yet, I will just appoint myself supervisor and make sure things are place correctly. Overseeing crossfitters that proper lifting techniques are being utilize.

I will micro-manage Sal, Frank M. and Jaime to make sure that all of the "Water Closets" or bathrooms are all up to "Snuff".

D "2011" H must be second in command due to his God gifted abilities to lead from the "front".

Whatever it takes, I'm there! I'll do it!

*On the clothing apparels, Jaime we need more XTRA SHHMEDIUMSSS, it seems that we are all tap out???...By the way, I will speak for Alex R. and the rest of the crew that possibly looking into CSC "C" Cups under garments..? Something to think about it. Thank You.* hahaha.

Knee high socks and fanny packs? I think we're just missing Teva sandals to complete the look.

I would LOVE to see some tank tops!! I always feel bad wearing my crossfit east sac tanks, but that's all I have... Would also love some knee high socks!

Trickle, 201, Week 15 workout (5 RFT 20 WB, 7 CPU). The time it took to get from the wall ball to the pullup bar was needed to knock out 7 of those bastards and the time to get back to the wall was needed to give the callases time to cool down. Awesome WOD. 9:51 (times varied from 8:30 - 11:00 for the group, girls/guys).

wristbands, headbands, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, and mouth guards

It was more or less taken for granted that everybody held certain beliefs and needed certain reinforcements of their own strength and that that came through your belief in God and your knowledge of prayer.

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