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May 09, 2010

Things that we need to spend more time instilling in the members of Crossfit Santa Clara:


Keep a diary of how you do on each workout, especially strength days to know your 1 rep max's. There are many useful tools out there to track this stuff, I don't care how you do it but please get it done. 


Nutrition is KEY!!!!!! Having trouble loosing a few pounds? Getting new PR's??? Lets talk diet! Come see me or any trainer for some advice.


We have a 9:30am class Mon and Weds 

We have a 6:00am class Tues and Thurs 


Lets talk for a quick second about competing. 


After this weekend I heard many of you say that you want to compete next year. This is awesome to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My comment back is simply "pull the trigger and make it happen." More times than not people want to compete but never follow through with what they want to do. Competing in Crossfit is awesome, ask anyone who has done it in a competition and I am sure they would agree with me. Keep in mind that no matter how well you do it will be a kick ass time. Unfortunately this weekend our team didn't quite finish the way they wanted. We ended up 44th out of about 100 teams which in itself is badass, but more importantly our team had an awesome time competing together as a group and pushing themselves. I'm sure they would agree with me on this. The opportunities are out their to compete, you just need to let me know you are interested. 


In Sept or October we will be holding our first official team/ individual throw-down. I want to try and make this an annual event and have it be super legit and people from all around the bay come to. This could be your first opportunity to compete? Just an idea. 


So what the hell is the deal with our new spot???????????


Tomorrow we will be having a sound check (see if the neighbors will hate us as soon as we move in) to confirm that we are all good to go. If/when this goes through we should have a deal. I am keeping the location and details under wraps until we know for sure but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I loose at least 2 hours of sleep a night worrying about the new spot. 


I'll keep you all posted!



CF Regionals Irvine May 2010 047 by suzlema.

CF Regionals Irvine May 2010 060 by suzlema.

CF Regionals Irvine May 2010 105 by suzlema.



Workout for Tomorrow:


Find a new 1 rep max on your back squat (our 20 rep program is over, we will begin something new on wend's)


Haven't done this one in a while, have to do it!



Thrusters @ 95#'s

Pull Ups 


Nothing fancy here, just a badass workout! Remember to write your times down on the board and in your journal. Lately I have strayed away from asking everyone to write it down, lets get back into the habit please


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congrats to all who competed this weekend!!!!!!!!

Y'all inspire me!!!!!

Like what Mickey said, we all had a great time!! Thanks to all that supported our efforts this weekend. It was great to see my fellow competitors cheer us on so that we may lift 5 more lbs. or perform the WOD 10 seconds faster. It was exhilarating, to say the least, to watch others go all out under conditions we may not be used to. Like what Jason said, the whole experience just made me want to compete again.. My family thinks I'm crazy for even pursuing this. I have so many goals to accomplish and I thank Crossfit for just giving us the opportunity to do what we luv to do.

Mike Stahl, you were awesome! You probably couldn't hear us but we were cheering you on from the sidelines.. ha!! I never got to see you in action during the sectionals since free time wasn't a luxury to us judges.. Congrats on your efforts this weekend!

Alex E, Alex R, Sal, Rick, Nicole and Whitney.. you guys were a blast to watch!! It's so different to watch you individually during our WODs at the gym, and to see the cohesiveness of this team as you pushed through-- t'was just nothing short of amazing.

Mickey, my fellow master athlete... your continued perseverance struck me as one of your best qualities that helped you perform to your capacity even under difficult physical conditions. I'm takin' that with me when I feel I can't push anymore. Thanks for being the professor that you are; I've learned so much from your input and knowledge allthroughout this journey.

Ahh... now that the games are over, I can finally take it easy on those double unders, LOL! (Alex R., this should temporarily make you sane again.. ha ha!!) Initially, I thought to retire those damn ropes, but now decided to just keep at it so that a 100 DUs unbroken would be a breeze!!

Thanks for all of the support at the games! It was a blast seeing all of you who made it out to the games.

The 7am class was badass this morning! We had a number of people PR on their max back squat as well as others finding that benchmark for the first time. They also smoked Fran. Great job, you set the bar high for the rest of the classes. Come in and get some

Alex calling the other classes out! Come ready to perform

Haha seriously lets hit it hard though

Huge thanks to everyone who came out and cheered us on! Wouldn't have been the same without you all.

Jojo and Mickey, you guys did a phenomenal job. I hope I'm able to perform at your guys level when I'm that young haha. Inspirational to say the least.

I know I speak for Chris "The Rock" Lucente and everyone else at the 3:30 class when I say "We are bringing the wood!!"

Thanks for posting some video on FB JoJo - I was feeling very out of touch since I couldn't go to the Regionals to cheer you all on, so it was nice to see some of the action!

For those interested in nutrition, remember you can talk to me or Theo, and check out the CF Santa Clara Nutrition blog too. And if you're tired of what you've been eating and need some inspiration, read my post on today's PaleoChix, http://paleochix.com/?p=1620

JoJo, Alex (both of you!), Sal, Mickey and Jason,

Thanks for all of your support down there this weekend. It definitely means a lot, and it was great to see you all compete too. I didn't get a chance to stick around after your events, but it was inspiring to see you all "leave it all out there" for every workout. It helped me keep going after the first two brutal workouts and finish the weekend off right. Plus, it just reinforces the fact that half the reason I'm doing this stuff is because I get to train and hang out with awesome people like you guys.

Can't wait to get down there and train some more with you guys. See you soon.

Cynthia - would you mind sending me the picture that Herm took? I saw him down there and he said you requested some pics! I am just not a member of Facebook, and he said he posted them there.


HI Michael - send me your email address! I'll send what I have :)

I'm still cynthia@jolicoeur.com

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