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August 22, 2010

Please remember, there is no Oly class tomorrow



Crossfit Mountain View will be open for a Noon class if anyone wants to go tomorrow. 



Also, I would like to put a team together for the Weekend Warrior Series, please let me know if you are interested.



BBQ Time:




Crossfit Santa Clara/ Crossfit Mountain View will be having a BBQ for Labor Day



Location: Crossfit Santa Clara

Date: Sept 6th

Time: 1 pm or so, we will have a workout at 11 then everyone can hang out grab some food and drinks.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Bench Press, speed reps, 8-10 reps a piece for 5 sets



Step 1: Grab a partner

Step 2: Walk outside with a barbell loaded up to 135#'s or what you can manage 

Step 3: One person runs 300 meters while the other perform's max clean and jerk's...the timer is the runner, we will go for 15 minutes. The team's score are your combined reps.

Step 4: Go to war against the barbell 




The rings are awesome, for anyone who has been on them you know how difficult they are. Imagine doing this routine!


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I'd like to participate in the Weekend Warrior series.

J, is there going to be an open gym hour aT 7:30 instead?

Hi Mike,

Maybe please call or email me during the day, I will not be there but one of our other trainers may

Hi Jason,

What is the address of the Mountain View location.

Is there only a noon class at Mountain View today? Are there going to be more classes this week?

Not sure of the address but IIRC, coming from San Jose, take 101N and exit Shoreline. Turn right at exit. Right at next stop light. Right again at stop sign. Left at next stopsign. Immediate left on the first driveway on the lefthandside. It's the last garage door on the right.

I got the website for it... http://www.crossfitsantaclara.typepad.com/crossfit_mountain_view/

1280 La Avenida St.
Mountain View Ca. 94043

Hi Miles,

Starting asap we will have a regular schedule, for today it is only noon.

the ring routine is awesome. what a pleasure to watch him go from one awesome move to another.

Jason, congrats for the new spot!

Question: Are Mountain View and Santa Clara going to have the same programming? Im not sure if that was asked already, but im just curious

Hey Jesse,

As of right now, yes. Maybe in the future this may change?

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