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August 30, 2010

Question for anyone:

What type of movement do you have a hard time with that you would like us to explain more and make a video tutorial on? Please let me know



The running and endurance classes are cancelled until further notice, all other classes are the same. 



What is coming up soon:

1) We are having a member appreciation BBQ on Monday after the 11:00am Class. (This will be our only class of the day as well for Labor Day)


2) This weekend Crossfit Santa Clara will be closed for a certification. Our weekend classes will be moved to Crossfit Mountain View (same schedule)


3) We signed up a team with the Weekend Warrior Series and need to find out who wants to fill the team, so far very few of you have responded. Please let me know! 

4) We have decided to participate in the event "Barbells for Boobs" http://barbellsforboobs.org/  Raising money for Mammograms in Action. My goal is to help raise money for their cause. Please visit their website for more information. We will be hosting the workout "Grace" on October 30th in honor of their cause. 




Just got in some new stickers if you would like one for your car!




Freddy from Crossfit One World made his debut on Sicfit.com today. Here is a link to his "Tactical Crossfitter" Post. http://sicfit.com/blog/15616-The-Tactical-CrossFitter


The first Crossfit workout I had ever done was at Freddy's gym...memories! Can you believe that the first workout I ever did was Fran. I had to sub the pull ups...that's right several years ago I couldn't do 45 pull ups...crazy what Crossfit can do!



Workout for Tomorrow:



Perform 1 Pull Up the first minute 2 pull ups the second minute 3 pull ups the third minute. Continue this process until you can no longer complete the pull ups in the time allowed. 


Can't do pull ups? No worries, come in and we will work on technique, possibly use bands or jumping.


After the Pull Up's:


Max Sit Ups in 2 minutes 

Max Reps in 5 minutes of 95# Shoulder to Overhead 


Don't forget your mobility WOD for today also 


Little kipping pull up video for you guys, try and review before you come in please.



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Loving the Early Post!! And thanks for the upperbody day tomorrow, I think Im gonna be a little sore tomorrow. BTW great addition to the Crossfit SC personnel by adding Billy to teach the regular classes. Our coaching staff is stacked!!!

I'm excited for the fundraiser on October 30th, it's perfect before the silicon valley 5K on the 31st

I've never done Grace before, so it should be interesting

jason I am interested in the weekend warrior series. I thought I had missed the sign ups...

I am also interested Jason. I'm always down for some friendly competition.

Definitely down for the team.... Also down for the boobs..

#1 I want a sticker Jason
#2 I'd be down for the Weekend Warriors once I get back into Crossfit shape
#3 I'll lift barbells for boobs anyday

I'm in for the mammogram event. Go team boobies!

How about a tutorial on the pistol??

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