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31 posts from August 2010

August 21, 2010

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. 



Please keep in mind that Monday we will not have an Oly class.


Please also keep in mind that CF Mountain View is a go on Monday!!!!!


Our Saturday Crew getting down!!!


Have a friend that's interested? Bring them by.





Andy and Lyda outside the Church, rev 


Andy and Lyda!!!!!! Seriously an amazing pic.



Workout for Tomorrow:



11:00AM Team workout with Sal


August 20, 2010

 Sorry for the short post, Andy is getting married in a few hours!!


 Tomorrow's running group (Note from Cynthia):

We're meeting at the Entrance to the Stanford Dish at the intersection of Stanford Drive and Junipero-Serra (Foothill) Blvd. There's a traffic light, as well as a guard gate at the entrance. Be there at 8:30 (allow 5 minutes to find a place to park on Stanford Drive) for a nice 3 mile run with a gorgeous view of the bay.

It'd be nice if people would post to comments or text me at 650 248-9960 if they're planning to come.




Workout for Tomorrow:



To be decided by Alex



Don't forget tomorrow at 9:00am is our free session. 


We also have a 10:30 Mobility class 

August 19, 2010


Please note that our Olympic Lifting Class on Monday will be cancelled this week. Weds we will be back to normal!



Crossfit Mountain View will be open on Monday for it's first class at Noon...schedule to come.




Andy and Lyda are getting married tomorrow!!!!



Andy and Lyda are very good friends of mine and Ashley, in fact both of us are in the wedding party tomorrow. Andy is the guy who always runs in late to class warms up in 5 minutes hits a workout and is out the door back in his car before anyone can even say a word to him. He's a busy guy doing some incredible tile work (side note if anyone need's Tile work done, he's your guy). Lyda is in the pink dress above, she is what I would like to call "a cyber Crossfitter" probably one of the best around. Lyda is deeply involved with all that Crossfit has to offer online, hopefully after the wedding we can see her in the gym a little more often. 


I am extremely excited for this couple and look forward to tomorrow's wedding and their future together. Please congratulate them when you see them. 



On another Note: 

NEW PARALLETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joe came through again as usual. The craftsmanship and solid material that he uses is ridiculous. Please enjoy these new torture tools!


Workout for Tomorrow:




5 Rounds for Time

Run 400 Meters

15 Overhead Squats at 95#


August 18, 2010

Crossfit Mountain View coming along!!!!!


We will be holding the first official class for the new location on Monday at Noon...try and make it if you can!




   Costa rica
Badass picture of Brandon doing a handstand in Costa Rica! 



Workout for Tomorrow:





Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes, rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.


15 Box Jumps

10 KB Swings (2 pood)

5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Tomorrow we will be doing the workout of the week.


August 17, 2010

I know many of you felt like you had two left feet today with all of the snatch work. Keep in mind that the snatch is in the Olympic's. People work their entire lives to get good at it! It won't happen in an hour. Don't worry, if you had trouble today try and practice when you have a chance.



The 5:30pm Class working hard on the overhead squat. 





Nice picture from the Folsom Triathlon with Brook






Workout for Tomorrow:


Weighted Ring Dips (Use dumbbells or vest)



Max Rounds in 10 minutes of:


Run 200 meters 

10 Push Press @ 135#'s

10 Deadlift's @ 135#'s


Immediately after find a parter and we will have fun with the prowler for a second.



August 16, 2010

I apologize for the late post everyone. My flight just got in.



Start getting excited about Crossfit Mountain View! I know many of you live or work there so it will be a great place to stop by and get in a workout sometimes.


RockTape Demo Tomorrow!

Greg from RockTape will be coming in tomorrow at 6:30PM to give a demo.


"ROCKTAPE is the only Kinesiology tape engineered to meet the demands of endurance athletes like runners, swimmers and cyclists. Unlike other products, ROCKTAPE can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling. Similar to the Kinesiology tape in the Olympics and that Lance Armstrong wrote about in “Every Second Counts”, ROCKTAPE is used by professional and amateur athletes everywhere. "



Workout for Tomorrow:


Go for a new 1 Rep Max Snatch (if you have not performed this movement a lot then stick with a bar/ light weight and do hella (nor cal) reps) 



Snatch 115#'s

Burpees over the barbell 


Even if we need to sub or scale still come in 



A legit pic of Justine (Alex's future wife)




A little video to get you pumped up for tomorrow:


August 15, 2010

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I apologize for the late post but our cert just ended.


Here's a badass picture of Mickey in Chicago!



I love these type of pics.


PLEASE send me pictures from around the world to put up on our site.

Workout for Tomorrow:

I did this delightful treat with Pat Sherwood at the Cert today.

"Shooters Choice"

In 15 minutes:

Every minute on the minute perform 2 Power Cleans at 205# (could be squat if necessary).

This is your "buy in".

For the rest of the minute perform max double unders.

If you cannot perform double unders you have 3 choices:

A) Do double under attempts

B) Do push ups

C) Do air squats

The goal is for max reps.

Today I got around 500 reps and Pat crushed it with 550.


Please sub accordingly.

Workout of the Week:



5 Rounds for Time

Run 400 Meters

15 Overhead Squats at 95#

August 14, 2010

The new spot coming along!!!




I love posting pictures and watching the transformation of gyms. Here is pic two of Crossfit Mountain View. Stay tuned for the transformation.


Saturday Morning Crew:


Schedule for Tomorrow:


11am Workout with Sal



Workout for Tomorrow:


Team Workout Designed by Sal

August 13, 2010

I hope the Friday Workouts went well!

Schedule for Tomorrow:


8:30am Running with Cynthia at the Blossom Hill entrance of Lake Vasona

Cynthia's cell if people are lost or wondering about where to go is 650 248-9960


9:00am Free Saturday Class for anyone


10:30am Mobility Class with Melinda


Workout for Tomorrow:


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:


5 Pull ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


For those of you who have been doing Crossfit for a while try something new and perform:


10 Chest to bar Pull Ups

15 Pistols


I appologize for the short post. I am getting ready to teach a cert tomorrow. Please keep in mind that Crossfit Mountain View is on its way!!!!


August 12, 2010




I'd like to present Crossfit Mountain View:



It's official. Khalipa Inc. which owns Crossfit Santa Clara just opened a new gym in Mountain View!!!!! It is located off of Shoreline and 101. A simply 15 minute drive from Santa Clara and great location for those that live/work in the area. All member's of Crossfit Santa Clara have access to Crossfit Mountain View and vice versa. 

I can't wait to upload new pics and show the transformation into a Crossfit gym of the current warehouse. 

Please keep in mind that nothing will really change too much at Crossfit Santa Clara besides the fact that Alex will be teaching a few less classes. 


Doors should be open by Weds of next week the 18th. 


Get excited!!! Tell your friends we are coming their way. 




Looks like Gary missed Laundry day?????????????? Check out his socks, classic!


The 4:30pm class getting down!



We have a ton of positive feedback for all of our specialty classes. Make sure to check them out.




Workout for Tomorrow:


Find a new Front Squat 1 Rep Max 


Perform one Clean and Jerk the 1st minute

2 clean and jerk's the second minute

Continue this until you can no longer complete the task...RxD weight is 135#'s



Please scale accordingly, I want everyone to push hard for at least 8 rounds or so.

Even though the below video is of a snatch and not a clean and jerk which is what we are doing tomorrow. It is still an awesome video to watch. Check out there positions and watch the video a few times.