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February 28, 2011

The comments were awesome! Thank you for letting me know some of your goals.






The Samurai Hair Cut:


If you wear your hair like a Samurai Warrior....you are immidiately 30% stronger and 10% faster on all workouts. If you see the man above beating you in a workout....we all know why. 

What Gary is going for in 4-6 months (below)



Not sure if you guys have noticed, but almost daily Jason and Shellie come in to workout together (pictured below). We have several married couples that come in, thought I'd send a quick shout out to the married couples. I'll feature more soon.





Workout for Tomorrow:


Work the Power Clean for at least 20 minutes



Team or partner up:


For Time....Row 500 meter's 

immediately after 

Max distance prowler push without stopping (this will have a lot of weight on it) Should be about 30-50 feet tops


Complete the above for 4 rounds each person 

 The bottle neck will be the rower's, not the prowler's since as soon as you stop its over.  

February 27, 2011

Question to spark some comments up....its been pretty dead lately. The comments section is located below this post and says "comment" if you would like to participate. I want to hear from you guys!



What goal are you trying to hit in the next month at Crossfit?


I'll start, I would like to snatch 240lbs. 





The Sunday Crew having some fun in the sun.





It is Alyssa's Birthday tomorrow (she's part of the 6am crew!) She will be turning 23 so I thought the number's below would be appropriate. She was also born on leap year so would actually be 5, that's where I got the last number from.


Birthday WOD for Tomorrow:



Tabata Air Squats



2 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

3 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 

Rest 1 minute 

5 Rounds:

10 DL @ 185#'s
10 Box Jumps  24"
10 V Ups 




Last Chance for the Early Bird Special on CrossFit Games Tickets.


I know I had mentioned before to wait on the tickets because I was purchasing a box. I already purchased the box but unfortunately do not get very many tickets at all. Just enough for my family. I'd recommend purchasing the tickets now since they are $10 cheaper. Either way 40 or 50 for three days is a great deal.




Photo (13)

Kale chips.....they taste amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simple directions. Tear the leaves off the stem, drizzle a little olive oil and a tad of sea salt on them, bake for 12-14 min @ 350 degrees. Enjoy!


February 26, 2011

Want to compete in an endurance-based CrossFit event tomorrow (Sunday, February 27)???


Many local, bay area affiliates have come together and set up a competition series that invites endurance athletes and CrossFit athletes to test their skills. The goal of these events is to help bridge the gap between these two types of athletes and hopefully help everyone realize that their respective sports and training styles are both equally beneficial and challenging. Plus, it is a chance to compete! 





Another great Saturday Class!!! Check out some of the action:


Warm up for the Saturday Class


Saturday class workout




Schedule for tomorrow:


11am team workout in Santa Clara!




Workout for tomorrow:


Team workout designed by Sal




February 25, 2011

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tomorrow we will be having our 9:00am Class. Please feel free to bring a friend.



Today Tim Pr'd his Deadlift by 25lbs after reading the post I put up yesterday. Really happy to see that! 



Workout for Tomorrow:


 As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:


10 Super Pull Ups (pull up and jump to the bar attached above it)

10 Right Arm snatches with either a heavy KB or DB

10 Left Arm snatches with either a heavy KB or DB

10 Front Squats with the object you are using for the snatches


Can't do a super Pull Up? No worries, perform regular pull ups. Can't do a pull up? No worries, use a band or do jumping pull ups.


February 24, 2011

 Tomorrow we will also have open gym at 6:00am 


I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!




Lan got his first Muscle Up!!!!!!!!!!



A few Box Jump pics from Today: (possibly some new Facebook profile pics for a few of you)

IMG_2191_1024x683 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1744
IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748
IMG_1750 IMG_1752
IMG_1753 IMG_1754
IMG_1756 IMG_1757


Workout for Tomorrow:



Going heavy on Deadlift's (what type??? to be decided) 



Lets have some fun, our conditioning workout will be decided on the spot by the instructor!


February 23, 2011


Teamwork or "Getting too Comfortable?"


I encourage each and every one of you daily to work in small groups and push each other. Most of the time this is definitely the case! However in rare circumstances what I would like to call "Getting too Comfortable" happens.


What the hell is "Getting too Comfortable?"


Getting too comfortable is when you get in a group with people who lift less than you. Intentional? No/Maybe/Yes? It doesn't really matter. The bottom line is that on a more than every now and then basis some of you are jumping in with others who lift much less than you.

Is this an issue?


Absolutely. If done often, this can definitely definitely slow your progression as a Crossfit athlete. Everyone started from scratch, you have built up your strength and technique on the movements, now its time to step it up each and every time you touch a barbell.


I am by no means saying that you should isolate others, my only comment is to find others with similar or preferably better strength/ abilities and work with them more often than not.


I have competed in many different situations. One of the best ways to lift heavier is to lift with people who can lift heavier than you. A great example is when I did a Powerlifting competition and watched guys Deadlift 700lbs, my measly 550 seamed like nothing. The mental component of Crossfit is huge. I truly believed that my current PR was "light weight" (Ronnie Coleman's voice).Watching someone hit a weight easy that you think is hard or are intimidated by will absolutely help you on your next set.

"Hell if they can do it.....I can do it!" Thats kind of the way I look at it, I guarantee with this attitude you may not match someone else, but you will do better than your previous best for sure!


More on this to come.




Kenni motivated a few other's today by going heavy! Heavy to her...maybe? However it fired up Blair and Lori who lifted more than ever before.


IMG_1712 IMG_1711

IMG_1713 IMG_1715 IMG_1717 IMG_1718 IMG_1719 IMG_1720




Workout for Tomorrow:


Find your 1 Rep Max Height Box Jump (see video below for motivation)


5 Rounds for Time:

10 Power Snatches 95#'s

20 Wall Ball Shot's


Should this be done unbroken???? Yup!!! Lets see it tomorrow.



February 22, 2011

Love the suggestions! 



I ended up going on a more practical approach and picked up some new squat racks, weight racks, pull up bars, and a new Badass Olympic Lifting Bar. 

Jump ropes are coming soon as well. 



Lets talk about the Push Jerk or Split Jerk as demoed below.


The goal of a "Jerk" is to get a heavy object locked out overhead from the rack position. 



Let's talk about the rack position. On a jerk our grip widens slightly and our elbows raise up slightly (compared to the shoulder press) to allow for the bar to sit comfortably on our shoulders. Keep in mind that unlike a shoulder press, we are creating energy through our body that eventually wants to transfer through the bar. To make this happen, the bar must be resting on our shoulders. A wider grip helps for a decreased distance to travel and easier ability to pop your head through in the finish.

Our midline is tight, we take a deep breath in and maintain a "hollow" position from start to finish of this movement.


The Dip. Your butt, back and head are in a straight line. Your knees slightly shoot forward but keep in mind that the angle of your hip is decreasing here. That decreased hip angle will then re-open in a second to cause the upward momentum on the bar. Some athletes may want to slightly toe out their feet and track them with their knees to keep their torso more vertical easier.


The Drive. I have now fully opened my hips, driving through my heels, and squeezing my butt creating elevation on the barbell. This barbell is almost as high as it should be at this point. It is now weightless and floating upward in space. 


The Catch. Once reaching full extension of the hip in the previous picture, I immediately re-close that hip and drop under the load locking out my arms on the way down. The load never goes up past the previous picture (or very little) I instead drop under it and use my legs to drive it up. Keep in mind that I am doing a split jerk here but the push jerk would be identicle however my feet would simply move out to my squat stance instead of my split stance. Many people prefer the split stance because it allows them to keep their torso more verticle in the catch.


You finish with both feet under your body, arms locked out, rib cage down and tight, head through the arms. 



Workout for Tomorrow:



Split or Push Jerk for a 1 Rep Max (stay tight!!!!!!!!!)

Wear a belt if needed on heavy heavy loads.



7 Minutes of "GO"


On "GO" you sprint about 50 feet and back (should be done outside, weather permitting)

Complete 1 KB swing 2 pood

Sprint 50 feet and back

Complete 2 KB swings 2 pood

Sprint 50 feet and back

Complete this cycle for 7 minutes.


Immediately after 7 minutes are up........

Partner/Team Prowler Push (3-5 a person)



February 21, 2011


Question for you guys:


If you were to want ONE Piece of new Equipment...what would it be???? 



Please also note that we are on Facebook and Twitter, working on getting more stuff up on it asap. We would love to see people post up their times for the workout and see if we can get some friendly competition going online.



Throwing an Old School pic up today. This was taken at our last location over a year ago. Please take the position people are in as a hint to what may come up tomorrow.



Take a look at this pic. Great technique from anyone???? Not the best.

Working their ass off???? Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Workout for Tomorrow:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:


5 Power Cleans @ 155#'s

5 V Ups

5 Deadlift's @ 155#'s

5 Push Ups (with a release if you are more advanced)


Immediately after the round is over hold the squat position against the wall for as long as possible with a maximum of 2 minutes.


The time that you hold the squat dictates the amount of rest you get before your next round. Yes, you could game it and not do any squat holds (not encouraged and not the goal)...this would mean you would automatically be right back on the bar for the workout though. The squat hold is a mental test, see how hard you can push yourself!


We will complete this for a total of 4 rounds. This workout may change depending on how effective we feel it is. 



February 20, 2011

Please remember that tomorrow we will have a limited schedule due to President's Day.

12:00pm, and 5:30pm

There will be open gym almost all day as well.




I have had a few people ask about the Kelly Starrett Certification. Please check out this link if you are interested in taking the course.






Pretty Cool video promoting the Crossfit Games

Remember the 2010 CrossFit Games? - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]






Workout for Tomorrow:



Tomorrow is Jeff's Birthday, thought we would do something special for him.



Run 1 mile (4 laps, just a little under a mile or so)

50 Back Squats @ 135#'s

Row 1k 

50 Back Squat's @ 135#'s


Goal= Less than 20 minutes for sure!



Triune BJJ (upstairs) Held a fundraiser event for the people of Brazil this weekend. Great turnout. 



The Sunday crew having some fun


February 19, 2011

Schedule for Monday:


12pm and 5:30 only



Schedule for Tomorrow:


Mobility Class has been cancelled


11:00am Normal Class




Workout for Tomorrow:


Team Workout! 



An example of an awesome breakfast!!


Veggies don't have to taste bad, mix it up and try new seasonings. Today I tried truffle oil on the mushrooms, awesome!