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March 28, 2011

Don't worry its over! We will not have another 5k for a very very long time. 




Want to help some people out?




1) Do you know of a good charity where we can donate our time to help others out. I was thinking a shelter and preparing food or something along those lines.

2) Would you like to be involved with this?


We have a huge community and I really think we could get a large group together. Please let me know.










Just a quick chat about the overhead position:


Photo (30)

 When overhead we are looking for active shoulders (pressing up on the bar). Granted with PVC your shoulders rise almost to your ears however with load this will not occur. Developing the awareness to press up will help once actually under load. Will your shoulders be to your ears, no way....that's ok, its the attempt a pressing up that matters. 

In addition lets talk about armpit position. Please take a look above and notice how EC's armpits are facing forward. She is in a strong stacked position and capable of holding large loads.


Now lets look below. EC has allowed her armpits to tuck under and rotate her shoulder in to an awkward, uncomfortable, and ultimately unsafe position. 

Work hard at keeping those armpit's forward throughout the entire Overhead Squat!

Photo (31) 



Workout for Tomorrow:



Overhead Squat (moderate to heavy load)



On go perform 30 KB Swings in 1 minute, rest 1 minute and repeat for 4 rounds. 2 pood is totally doable here! Go heavy on this.




4 Rounds of:

40 Air Squats

15 Ring Rows




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what a follow up to a 5k! I am all pumped up for tomorrow.

I liked the 5K - I think we should do it a bit more often :)

I've volunteered at InnVison before. There's also EHC Lifebuuilders. How do you feel about a park clean-up? Since Earth Day is coming up (April 22) :)

Here is a link to an opportunity to cook and serve dinner to the homeless...

I think that's a great idea. I have sent a couple of emails to see if a large group is needed in a particular place. I also like the idea of earth day activities since that is around the corner. I'm in!

Habitat for Humanity would be a good one for us since we're all pretty fit and can do manual labor. I've done it before and it's kind of fun.

Maybe we should do something that reflects what Crossfitters are, and maybe how we got here. How about we look in to helping the wounded warriors or the disabled. I am a ski instructor for both but we have events year round for both down in the Bay Area. It is about getting people with disabilities out and doing different sports and allowing them to use their abilities instead of thinking about their disabilities. Here is a link to the program.

Hey Jason, whichever you choose I'm in

i am interested in volunteering somehow.

We would love to do some charity work. Count us in!

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