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March 23, 2011


Please keep in mind that our Sat and Sun classes will be held at Mountain View this weekend.




Lets talk knee pain. 

Michelle was letting me know that she generally gets knee pain from squatting. One thing I immediately noticed (and she knew) was that her knees caved in when she squatted. As a by product this puts a ton of pressure on the knee and can easily cause pain and potential injury. One of many fixes is to que...knees out! This normally works, however if it doesn't here is another tip. Wrap a rubber band around the knees, this will force the athlete to drive the band out and therefore keep the knees directly over the toes. 


Some of you got to try the Hunter Gatherer food outside today. This is a business created by Crossfitters (our member's) to serve Crossfitter's (you guys). Try one of the Paleo Pancakes, their awesome! Or one of the sliders (below).

Photo (28)




Workout for Tomorrow:



Thruster Heavy!



Thruster @ 95#'s








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