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March 22, 2011

Really fun classes today! Thank you for coming in and participating. 




Please keep in mind that this weekend (Sat and Sun) our classes will be moved to our Mountain View location due to a Crossfit Certification taking place in Santa Clara.




Steve's Club! More on this event to come soon.








Please check out the video below before coming in to better understand the Pull Up.


Lets also take a look at these pictures below:




Does anyone notice the big difference between Josh and I???????


Josh is strong as hell, we are both doing a pull up and are both at the top of our pull up. Please notice the hips. Can you see how Josh's hip angle is still closed off where as mine is fully open. The extension of the hip aka squeezing your butt aka thrusting the sky....we can come up with all types of names, is extremely important.


Can Josh do 20 or 30 this way, absolutely, but his arm strength will burn out a lot faster than his hips will. Using your hips to generate momentum is key to all athletic movements. Tomorrow try and focus on using your hips and not just muscling up the pull up. 





Workout for Tomorrow:



Snatch Practice 


Pull up Practice




Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:


7 Pull Ups 

5 Power Snatches @ 135#'s

3 Squat Cleans @ 135#'s



Quick tips for the Kip



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This weekend? I thought the cert was next weekend? April 2nd-3rd?

We have two Certs coming up.

Can't find the JOIN button on the Open Games team site? You are not the only only. Got feedback from support that they are working on that issue as well.

CrossFit Games Support to me

Thanks for your email. We are working towards making the site fully functional as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are still multiple issues our IT guys are finding solutions for. Getting people registered and logged in is top priority, then making sure everyone is on the team they need to be on, affiliate Opt-in/score validation, score submission, scoreboard functionality, profile editing, deleting unused accounts, refunds, etc. Your issue is on our radar. Rest assured that things will be sorted out, your individual, team, and/or affiliate situation will be remedied, and it will not prevent you from competing in the Open. We appreciate your continued patience with this process. Thank you!

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