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April 19, 2011


Jason livin the life in the Bahamas reppin his KI shirt



A huge congratulations to Kimmie for her first Muscle Up!!!! She has worked so hard on this and I am seriously stoked to see it happen. 

Just a note about her Muscle Up....Often times athletes are looking for an easy way to get something. Sometimes it could be as simple as a cue a coach gives you, more times than not though it is through hard work and practice. Kimmie worked her muscle up daily for weeks, hell maybe even months, and that's why she was successful today. Keep this mentality in mind when you are approaching movements that you struggle with.

Photo (54)




Workout for Tomorrow:



Practice the Pull Up and Ring Dip

Have a pull up and ring dip? Practice the Muscle up

Have a Muscle up? Practice a Bar Muscle Up

Have a Bar Muscle Up? Practice a Muscle Up to Hand Stand Push Up

Have a Muscle Up to Hand Stand Push Up? Rest and help other's



5 Rounds for Time of:


3 Wall Climbs

8 Deadlifts @ 225#'s

15 Jumping Air Squats





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I can attest to just how hard Kimmy's been working on her muscle up! Great to see hard work and dedication rewarded with success! Congrats Kimster!

Well deserved congrats to you, Kimmie!!

WAY TO GO KIMMIE!!!!!!!!!!

You rock girl! Thanks for being inspiring!

Thats my BRO!!

Yeah Kimmie!!!

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