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April 28, 2011

Open gym at 6:00am tomorrow. 



Please remember that May 2nd we will be having a blood drive. Please visit https://www.sbcdonor.org/index.cfm




Please remember that Crossfit Santa Clara will be closed this weekend. Crossfit Mountain View will be open and ready to go!





So I threw the idea out their to send me questions about nutrition. Many of you sent me emails which I was excited to see. 


Please keep in mind that what most people think is "healthy" food is actually not and definitely not conducive to our training. 

Here is just a very quick sample day of eating. 

The most important thing to look at here is not necessarily what I suggested this person to eat but more importantly its macro nutrient makeup. Is it a fat? Carb? or Protein. In each meal you should see one of each, moderately similar in percentage, and all examples of "real food."


At any point throughout this day, our athlete should be more or less capable of working out. These portions are not and should not be so huge as to make the person feel sluggish. Food is fuel! Shouldn't you feel energized and good to go after eating it? Over eating is like filling up your car but having to wait 3 hours before driving it....doesn't make sense. 



Breakfast: 3 eggs, half an avocado, hand full of berries 
snack     7 almonds (any nut really) (if you are lean you can always up your fat intake) a small chicken breast, half of an apple
Lunch     salad with olive oil dressing, chicken/fish or any protein
snack      small chicken breast or possibly a can of tuna, 7-10 nuts of any kind, half of an apple
dinner     some meat product (steak, chicken, fish) sauteed with all kinds of veggies (I like onions bell peppers and tomatoes) cooked in avocado oil. You can also add some guacamole to this. 
Again this is just an idea...definitely not your only options by annnnnyy means. 
My favorite thing to do is go to Chipotle or any mexican restaurant and ask for a side of chicken and a side of guacamole. I couple this with a little fruit or some veggies and I am good to go. 
  Photo (63)
Workout for Tomorrow:

The goal here is to keep increasing weight and eventually fail or allllmosssst fail.
Rowing intervals. Distance and amount to be decided. The main objective for tomorrow is the deadlift. 



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