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May 25, 2011

* Please note that the author of this blog makes grammatical errors*



Quick note about Programming:


At the 3:30pm class the issue of over used shoulders came up, as a by product I switched up the workout for 3:30 and 4:30 only. The reason why I did this was because the majority of the class had been in Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we heavy thrustered, on Tuesday we Push Pressed and Sumo'd resulting in some beat up shoulders. 

Knowing that today we would have overhead squats I should not have programmed push presses yesterday. Stabilizing the shoulder after doing all of the overhead work yesterday would be a challenge. Long story short, I try and minimize excessive use of any particular motion....going below parallel, pressing overhead, etc. This week we may have been overhead a bit more than usual, I switched things up on the fly for the class and hopefully got a better result. 






The dolphin kick....tighten it up!

If you take a look at the above picture you can notice that Blair's spine is in a pretty over extended position. Not only can this cause back pain and possible injury, but it is also pretty inefficient, especially in regards to speed. 

It's easy to develop a dolphin kick....you are working your ass off to get your first pull up and swinging your legs back seems to get you more momentum. In the long run lets really try and tighten up this kip. Movement such as this is distributing our enegry in directions we do not want to go. Try and tighten up your kip by having a friend hold their hands out in front of your stomach and lower back, swing but do not touch their arms. In the beginning this will seem much more challenging, overtime it will become much more easy and a lot faster. 



Have an injury? 

Adam hurt this wrist/thumb today during our warm up. Immediately I suggested an alternative for his workout. It would have been easy for Adam to simply go home and call it a day but instead he stuck around and handled business. Are any of you making up reasons why you can't come in? Don't! Walk in and we can address any issue, doing something is better than nothing.




Workout for Tomorrow:



Find a new 1 Rep Max Height Box Jump



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:


Run 100 meter's forward

10 Jumping Lunges (1 is 1) 

Run 100 meter's forward back to the start

5 Hang Power Cleans @ 135#'s (from your thigh to your shoulder...no squat) 

Run 100 meter's backward (I know it seems stupid, but in life you defenitely may have to run backwards)

10 Jumping Lunges (1 is 1)

Run 100 meter's backwards back to the start

5 Hang Power Cleans @ 135#'s

1 Prowler Push 



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Hey Jason, and while I have nothing but mad props for your CF skills, you defInitely rock at grammar, and spelling. But, um, what belongs to the meters (did you do that on purpose)?

Awesome WOD this morning! Hope everyone can make it.

Haha....I see what you did their Ann. Or is it there?

WOD was great. Running backwards was tougher than I thought it would be.
I also improved my box jump by 4 inches! 45" now!

Awesome WOD!

Awesome WOD this morning! Hope everyone can make it.

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