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July 11, 2011

Fiesta Friday July 22nd at 6:30pm!


Similar to our last Fiesta party we will have taco's catered. For those of you who are on a paleo (ish) diet we will have lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. 

The trainers and I love what we do and are super appreciative that you allow us to do it for a living. Fiesta Friday is like a member appreciation party....thank you for being a part of our community




There will be an additional class tomorrow at 10:00am



 Kenni reppin a Handstand Push Up on Half Dome



 Abel finds the best resting position possible







Workout for Tomorrow:

Run 1 mile

25 Push Ups

25 Power Snatches @ 75#'s

25 Push Ups

25 Power Snatches @ 75#'s

Run 1 mile






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awesome quote i heard yesterday when jason was asked what he thought could possibly be a games event:

"...handstand walk in three feet of water while kicking turtles in the face..."


Loved the WOD this morning!

Is this supposed to be a benchmark Wednesday WOD? If it's not I'm scared to see what tomorrow is...haha

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